Our washing programs

Treat your vehicle to an automatic car care programme in the state-of-the-art wash tunnel from softcarwash or a luxury hand-washed car care programme from Danz Autofinish AG. Let your vehicle shine with that new car glow!


  • Soft wash
  • wheel rims
  • complete drying
Fr. 25.00


  • Soft wash
  • wheel rims
  • premium wax
  • underbody
  • gloss polishing
  • complete drying
  • vacuuming of the floor
  • cleaning of the interior of windows
Fr. 50.00

Luxury interior cleaning

  • Vehicle wash
  • cleaning of all windows inside and out
  • cleaning/shampooing of upholstery
  • stain removal (fabric interior)
  • cleaning and treating of leather (leather interior)
  • cleaning of trays/fixtures/instruments
  • cleaning of floor mats
  • vacuuming of the entire interior
  • cleaning of the entryways/doorframes
Fr. 180.00

Luxury exterior cleaning

  • Vehicle wash
  • washing of wheel housings
  • cleaning of wheel rims
  • cleaning of engine compartment
  • cleaning of the exterior of all windows
  • polishing of entire car
  • removal of slight scratches to paintwork
  • high-gloss finish in the automatic polishing machine
  • application of tyre shine
Fr. 200.00

Complete luxury package

  • Luxury exterior cleaning
  • luxury interior cleaning
Fr. 350.00

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