Your voluntary contribution of CHF 2 per booking contributes to concrete climate protection. Reduce your emissions in a myclimate carbon offset project. On average, CHF 2 corresponds approximately to the CO2 emissions you cause when driving from your place of residence to Zurich Airport and back.

The Swiss non-profit foundation is one of the world's leading providers of voluntary compensation measures. Carbon offset projects from myclimate are characterised by compliance with very strict criteria. In addition, myclimate draws up CO2 balances and raises awareness of climate change and climate protection in climate education>

Climate projects

myclimate develops and supports projects worldwide that directly reduce greenhouse gases and thus directly protect the climate. Your voluntary contribution goes into the myclimate Gold Standard portfolio.To get an idea of the different projects, please click on the following link:

Carbon projects International

myclimate and Airportparking thank you for your contribution to climate protection!

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