1. do I have to book my parking space?
We recommend booking in advance in any case. Especially in the high season and on weekends we may not have parking spaces available.

2 How can I reserve a parking space at Airportparking?
Reservations can be made conveniently online at www.airportparking.ch or by telephone at 0900 000 110. You will immediately receive a detailed booking confirmation.

3. do I get a discount as a TCS member?
Yes, TCS members receive a 10% discount on our parking fees. However, the booking must be made online on the TCS website.

4. where will my vehicle be parked during my absence?
Your vehicle will be driven by our employees from the multi-storey car park P3 to one of our outdoor car parks or to our multi-storey car park in the immediate vicinity of the airport. On the day of your return journey, your car will be parked in the P3 multi-storey car park at the airport on one of our labeled parking spaces.

5 Where is the airport parking counter at Zurich Airport?
Our counter and the collection and return areas are located in multi-storey car park P3 on floor 5.

6. I would like to change my booking what should I do?
For changes to your booking before or during your trip, please contact us by email at schalter@airportparking.ch You will then receive an updated booking confirmation by e-mail.

7. I would like to cancel my booking, what should I do?
To cancel a booking, please contact us by email at schalter@airportparking.ch Cancellation is free of charge.

8. I would like to book a parking space but have not yet received a flight number for my return flight. Can I still make the reservation?
Of course, you can also make the booking without stating the return flight number. Please enter "follows" in the field for the flight number. You can provide us with your flight number later either by e-mail (see point 6) or when you hand in your car.

9. I don't know the number plate of my vehicle. Can I still make the reservation?
Yes, please enter the canton of your license plate in the "License plate" field. You can inform us of the number plate later either by e-mail (see point 6) or when you hand in the car.

10. I have booked a parking space but have not received a booking confirmation, what should I do?
It is possible that the booking confirmation has ended up in your spam folder. Please check the spam folder.

11. is it possible for someone else to return or pick up my vehicle?
This is possible, please enter both names when booking. The person who collects the vehicle from us on return must identify himself with a passport or identity card in order to hand over the vehicle key.

12. I would like to park several cars. Do I have to make a separate booking for each vehicle?
Yes, for technical and administrative reasons a separate booking must be made for each vehicle.

13 Where can I find the parking fees at Airportparking?
You can find our prices here. You also have the possibility to calculate the parking fee using our price calculator.

14. is my vehicle insured during my absence?
Airportparking cannot be held liable for parking damages, force majeure, theft and vandalism. In such a case, the vehicle owner is always liable himself. However, if damage is caused by one of our employees, the costs will be borne by Airportparking. Further information can be found in our terms and conditions.

15 When and how do I have to pay the parking fee?
You can pay the parking fee either directly online at the time of booking or when you hand in your car at our counter in multi-storey car park P3, Zurich Airport, in cash (CHF or EUR) or with all tickets.

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